Chord seqence with key change and alterations

Chord seqence with key change and alterations

Piano progress update, not done a video in a while.

So, a difficult thing to do in piano is take to a chord sequence and transpose it to another key, because the 'topology' of the notes is often drastically different, even though the intervals are identical. 5 Black notes and 7 white notes essentially make things asymmetrical, if you like.

Here, I play a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 sequence. (a chord representing each of the 7 scale degrees in an octave, ascending chromatically) Some of the chords have alterations to jazz it up a bit, bringing in notes outside of the diatonic scale.

The tricky part is then moving it up a semitone to the next key, because all the chord 'shapes' change entirely.

The chords are:

1 - 6-9
2 - min11
3 - 7#9
4 - maj9
5 - sus2
6 - min7
7 - #9#5

The time signature is 6:8

For any beginners out there like me, I hope this was insightful.

Apologies for the terrible sound quality, its a new camera and I am still devising a best strategy for making videos in optimum time.


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