Gun To My Head single

Gun To My Head single

Thousands of votes were cast for the new music movement, Erupt The Volcano, and winner Week 1 officially belongs to STATES OF PANIC and their track "Gun To My Head"

As winners this week, this song will now be downloaded on mass to try and help the band to officially chart in the UK Top 40.

Let's make this count! Wouldn't it be great if on our first attempt STATES OF PANIC made it into the Official UK Charts?

EVERYONE download the single now, HERE -
To download from iTunes simply go here;

or on Amazon;

Monday will be the start of a brand new poll with new artists to choose from. Remember, support music! Erupt The Volcano!

WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO for the single here:
Get the track FREE plus other extras when you pledge for the new album 'NO WORLD ORDER' to be released on 3/3/2014

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