Roland RD700 NX

Roland RD700 NX

I realised that, as part of my learning process on piano, I needed a decent instrument for practicing on while staying at my "weekend place". I didn't want to necessarily get another digital piano as they are not mobile enough, plus I was thinking a few years down the line if/when I might do some keys in a band/project.

So, I researched a lot and waited patiently for the right keyvboard to come up. To be honest, fairly quickly into that process I'd already had my heart set on the Roland RD700NX.

As luck would have it, my good pal Dagan (ex States of Panic) is now working at PMT and had an RD700NX for sale in their 'used' section. I got a cracking deal on this, and within just a few minutes of playing it I was smitten by this amazing instrument.

I haven't even begun to scratch the surface on what cool sounds it can produce as I'm still largely focussed on my piano development. The 'Supernatural' piano sounds on it are fantastic, and when played through my new Behringer Nekkst monitors it just sounds phenomenal.

So, mega chuffed.


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