I studied for 4 years at Edinburgh Napier University, where I completed a diverse and challenging degree course which involved many digital media disciplines from 3D design, sound production, video production, storytelling & conceptual work, cinematography, interactive systems, web design, usability design, graphic design, digital environments, 2D animation, Flash programming and many more.

Bsc (Hons) Awards

University Medallion Winner

As the student with the highest overall pass grade for the course, I was awarded the University Student Medal, which was a particularly proud achievement for me.

Edinburgh Napier University Medallion

Winner of the 'Lawrence Ho Student Prize'

For my 4th year Honours submission, I was awarded the prestigious 'Lawrence Ho Prize for Best Thesis Relating to Gaming Technologies'. This was in recognition of my CGI Giger animation and accompanying 18,000 word project report. The prize came with a cheque for £500, as donated by Lawrence Ho himself as a reward for outstanding student work.

Bsc Honours Project

The submission on a data DVD did not require any packaging, but I just wanted to go the extra mile for presentation sake and create a nice DVD sleeve.

Project showcase


Here I am at the Honours Project showcase where everyone sets up their project to display and discuss with anyone who might be interested in their work.

The final render


This is the finished video piece I submitted as my 'Final Deliverable' as part of the Honours Project. The piece took around 800 hours of computer rendeirng time, rendering over 12,000 individual frames, not counting for the thousands of frames that were rejected/re-rendered or simply not used in the end.

The Giger animation sequence was produced as the 'Additional Deliverable' for my 4th Year Honours Project, along with an 18,000 word project report/dissertation. The video is a tribute to the work of the concept artist, HR Giger, and depicts his famous 'Anima Mia' piece as a broze statue inside a museum display.


You can doanload my project report / dissertation by clicking the PDF icon below.

Project poster

Here is the project poster I designed for display at the honours project showcase. The poster was placed into a glass frame and went on display for a year in a corridor outside some of the labs at Merchiston campus.

Merit Awards

Here are some merit awards I attained at school for positive attitude and work-rate.

Certificates of Education

Below are the scanned copies of my certificates of education.

Paul Hameed Bsc(Hons) CertificateHND CertificateHighersHighersStandard GradesStandard GradesStandard GradesStandard GradesStandard Grades