Charity Work

Children's Hospice Appeal Scotland band night

EMS Uncovered

In 2003, I organised a live music event called 'Edinburgh Metal Scene:Uncoverered" which saw a host of local hard rock/heavy metal bands play cover versions of famous songs. The gig was very well attended after a mammoth 3-month promotional push and remains one of the fondest memories I have of playing live music. In our set, we played the following songs:

The Power of Love - Hewie Lewis & The News

Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

'The Gremlins' Theme Tune

22 Acacia Avenue/Bohemian Rhapsody (medley) - Iron Maiden/ Queen

God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You - Kiss

The night was an unbelievable success and I was able to make a donation of over £500 to the Children's Hospice Appeal Scotland on behalf of the Edinburgh metal scene community.

The Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust

In August 2012, to mark 11 years to the day I got my dreadlocks done, I decided to get the cut off and raise money for The Dogs Trust, which is a charity very much close to my heart.

The response was overwhelming and we managed to raise an incredible £625. Not bad for a a mere haircut!

Foodbank Drive

As part of a foodbank awareness and donation drive, we got involved and made a trip to our local superstore and bought as much foodstuffs as we could physically carry.